Self Analysis Essay

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Personality Traits and Characteristics
Kelsey Matousek
Columbia College

I have applied Carl Jung and Erik Erikson’s theories to my own personality. I examined myself, took a Jung typology test and interviewed family to try and gain the most accurate information to work with. I thoroughly review the concepts of both psychologists’ theories on personality. I surprising found analyzing myself very difficult, but it has proven to be a very interesting learning experience. This self-analysis has helped me identify problems with my personality and given me a drive to change them.

Personality Traits and Characteristics I had assumed that analyzing my own personality would be an easier task than analyzing the personality of a
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Another article found on the CG Jung organization website mentioned the affects of the R.A.S., or Reticular Activating System, has on an individuals personality traits and characteristics. The R.A.S. regulates our stable level of wakefulness, is linked to anxiety and makes it possible for individuals to focus their attention. According to this article, people who are highly aroused take in more information per second than the average person and subsequently needs to diminish or limit the “volume” of stimulation around them. This is what makes a person an introvert. Introverts are overloaded with information more quickly, and due to that introverts often have chronic anxiety, as well as a negative attitude towards life (Benziger, 2007). I myself have struggled with anxiety and negative attitudes, which led to depression. Due to the fact that I am easily overwhelmed, I tend to sleep excessively. Sleep gives my brain a break from the overstimulation I experience in everyday life.
Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development are centered on the polarity that children encounter during certain phases of their life. This theory proposes eight epigenetic stages, each entailing its own life crisis in which an individual can turn one of two ways. Each psychosocial stage provides the individual with opportunities for certain basic virtues to develop (Engler, 2009). However, I am only going to focus on the first six stages of Erikson’s development

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