Selected Market Cultural Report in America Essay

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Selected Market Cultural Report in America


Executive summary
With the development of global economies and international immigration, international business is universal all over the world. Business cultures are regards as the significant part of international business and impact the business strategies. To demonstrate the features and influences of business cultures, this report discusses American cultures components and its effects in international business through the example of opening a Chinese restaurant in Now York City in America. The reasons of choosing America to be the host country and detailed American cultures are analyzed in the forward part of this report. Then the
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It is common in American society that kids earn their pocket money by doing housework or manicuring lawns.
● Equality of opportunities
American believes that everyone is equal before the god and law, and they should have equal opportunities in society. One should not be deprived of equal competition opportunities as their poor social and economic positional, beliefs, race, pronounce and the difference with mainstream society.
● Competition
The concept of competition has the ideal condition and basic foundation from political liberalism, economic unrestrained freedom philosophy and social democratic opinion. People seek success and individuality in this atmosphere and competition becomes the efficient method to achieving their goals.
● seeking the wealth
In America, one’s success is measured by the wealth he or she owns (Merish, 2008). The best symbol of their social and economic positional is displaying expensive dresses, luxurious limousines and beautiful houses.
● Hard-working
Working is the thing must be traded seriously in America, because it is not only the way by which one makes a living, but also the duty one should take in the world. The working attitude and achievements have been the standards of judging one person in America.
4.2 Manners and Customs
Manners and customs are the certain patterns one expresses in communication and they are different in

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