Essay on Select And Justify A Needs Analysis Tool

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Week 4 – Select and Justify a Needs Analysis Tool Many individuals have found themselves in the particular situation of being in need of a doctor. Sometimes, a patient might seek out a physician for a serious ailment, while at other times they may visit a doctor for a minor infirmity that will be worked out over time. In either case, one is relying on the competence of the practitioner to make a data driven analysis of how to cure the condition. Imagine then that an individual went to see a doctor for a sinus infection, and before speaking with the patient regarding their symptoms, the doctor mad e a recommendation to amputate the individuals left foot. This of course would be considered as lunacy. A patient goes to a doctor, so that they can discuss their symptoms and needs and then, based upon the facts, the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes a course of action. In many ways, a diagnosis of the organization, tasks, and people must be taken in order to prescribe the right strategic approach to a learning and talent management strategy (Noe, 2013). This process is called a needs assessment.
Purpose of Needs Assessment The purpose of the assessment is crucial. A needs analysis should be designed to help the organization “improve performance” by “moving the achievement of current results to desired results” (Watkins, Meiers, & Visser, 2012, p.20). In this way that a learning function or organizational development professional may truly demonstrate their value.…

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