Seismic Foundation Design Lessons Learned From The Rion Antirion Bridge

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Seismic Foundation Design Lessons Learned from the
Rion Antirion Bridge
1. Introduction
The choice of a design concept for designing foundation is decided by various factors such as environmental conditions, information of the building, construction techniques and constraints at finance and time. These aspects will be considered more rigid on seismic foundation designing which is a very broad activity requiring the synthesis of experience and technical knowledge. These will be illustrated by an example of solutions adopted for the Rion Antirion Bridge.
2. Aseismic foundation design process
The aseismic design for foundation is important in seismic region. For aseismic design, information is required and methods should be planned at different stage: investigation of environmental conditions of the soil profile (geotechnical characterization and design seismic conditions)
1. Calculation of the magnitude of the loads that will be applied to the foundation soil.
2. Investigation of possible solutions.
3. Information about the required performance and safety factors of the structure.
4. Design phase and estimate of the deformations.
5. Consideration of constraints of finance and time.
6. Decision of the construction.
For this article concentrate on the foundation, both the consideration of constraints of finance and time and decision of the construction are not take into account.
3. Description of the Rion Antirion Bridge
The Rion Antirion Bridge is located in the Region of…

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