Seeking Employment, Searching For A Job, And Finding The Right Job Opportunities

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Candidates seeking employment, searching for a job, and finding the right job opportunities is not an easy task. Human resource professionals understand that it is far more expensive to recruit new employees than it would be to retain them. Their efforts to create a positive work environment where employees are engaged feel appreciated and see opportunities for career growth will help decrease turnover rates. Employee selection is the process of interviewing and evaluating candidates for a specific job and selecting an individual for employment based on certain criteria. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people. During this process employment laws such as discrimination laws must be obeyed during employee selection. The employee selection begins with the organizations selection method which is the process of choosing individuals from the applicants needed to fill the job in any organization. The employee selection process entails notification or advertising, screening applicants and resumes, testing and reviewing work samples, interviewing candidates, checking references and backgrounds, selecting the best person for the job and making a job offer.
Through personnel selection, organizations make decisions about who will or will not be allowed to join the organization. (“Bethel University”, 2011). Employee selection is the process of matching people and jobs. The selection involves choosing the best…

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