Essay on Security Is The Most Important Thing

1000 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Security in today’s business is the most important thing. As we shift further toward online business the organizations will be forced to spend more time and resources on protecting their information. Out of the 834 organizations interviewed about their security budget in 2014. We found that they spent about$20,000 to well under $1,000 per year. Granted this statistic will be misleading as the 834 organizations vary in size. But one thing is the same thing, very few organizations have the appropriate budget for their information security.
We see that the restraint on some of the IT departments. We see this with inadequate funds and job opening left open for up to a full quarter. A company with a staff of 5,000 will have (roughly)5 employees operating the security staff. With cyber security threats on the rise it is extremely important that companies and organizations implement different safety techniques in a timely matter. At anytime a threat can take an organization over and literally get any kind of critical information they want. In the survey around 87% of organizations had some kind of security in place to protect them against cybersecurity threats. Well 72% of those programs believe that they are successful when it comes to protecting against such threats. It’s also believed that in the industry of protecting against threats organizations that train employees to react to a threat and know what to do when they see one is especially important. Many threat actors have…

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