Secure A Position As A Restaurant Manager Essay

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It is my goal to secure a position as a Restaurant Manager with an aim of providing exceptional customer service to ensure smooth operations and maximize customer base. With a pride of Vietnamese food, I would like to contribute my knowledge and skills to providing those amazingly diverse cuisines with healthy nutrition and unique flavors for foreign customers. In addition, I am also eager to offer exceptional organization skills and innovative ideas in an Accounting student’s perspective to improve business’s overall performance. On the other hand, working in the position of a tax accountant or financial analysist also interests me. Finally, as my long term objective, I would like to set up a new Vietnamese food franchise in Australia, taking on new challenge and responsibility.

Part B: Target Organizations

1. Roll’d Vietnamese Street Food: ( –Vietnamese hawker-style eatery, offers a varied range of classic and healthy Vietnamese cuisine, such as rice paper rolls, salads, and noodle soup. The brand originated in the streets of Melbourne, and has quickly grown in just a short span of time.
2. Miss Chu: ( - a catering business in Sydney which delivers Vietnamese food, which is well-known for the wonderful flavors of its rice paper rolls.
3. Tran’s Vietnamese restaurant: ( - a multi award winning Vietnamese restaurant located in the heart of in Sydney 's Lower North Shore - Mosman. It provides…

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