Essay Seaworld Holding Orcas Captive For Entertainment Purposes

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If someone was in a bathtub for more than half of their life and they were half the size of the tub, they are bound to get little irritated and even maybe a little psychotic. It would be very uncomfortable and very cruel. SeaWorld is doing just that to their Killer Whales. In recent years the topic of SeaWorld holding Orcas captive for entertainment purposes has been very controversial. Orcas being captured needs to be ceased. Going back to 1970, Puget Sound, WA was when they captured the first whales for Sealand. John Crowe was the driver of the boat, according to him the way they caught them was by aircraft, spotters, speedboats and they actually had bombs that they would throw into the water to harm the Orcas. The whales were smart they knew what was happening, so the ones without babies went east, which drew the boats towards them while the mothers and babies went north. Eventually, the whales would come up for air and because of the aircraft they were spotted and the boats turned around and went after them. They were told to take the babies because of shipping costs. John said, "It was like kidnapping a little kid from their mothers." The most sickening part was when John Crowe said there were 3 dead whales after they were captured. To get rid of them, they cut them open, filled them with rocks, tied an anchor to their tales and let them sink. After Washington figured out what was happening, they were told to leave and no longer could capture any more whales from…

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