Sea Worlds Decision For End Orca Breeding & Captivity Essay

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Sea Worlds Decision to End Orca Breeding & Captivity

Sea World was originally founded to provide entertainment, education, and revenue for its clientele. Throughout its lifespan it has dealt with criticism from the public and animal rights activists. Most recently a film titled “BlackFish” brought Sea Worlds practices to light. This blow to the organization and their success has caused Sea World to make some crucial decisions. Sea Worlds decisions on keeping wild animals in captivity and their decision to stop their breeding whales campaign has not brought the organization the expected benefits. Sea world’s mission statements is “To apply basic physiological research efforts and state-of-the-art reproductive technologies toward wildlife species management and conservation.” The first park was opened in 1964. Sea World currently operates three locations that entertain guests with animal shows, water parks, roller coasters, animal interactions, and exhibits. Sea World attracts over 11 million visitors per year and in 2012 reported $1.42 billion in revenue. The park spends millions of dollars on research, conservation, and education each year. In 2013, a film named “BlackFish” was released and regularly aired on CNN. This film depicts the harsh environment that the killer whales at Sea World endure. It shows inhumane captivity of these animals and depicts disturbing breeding tactics. The film put Sea World in the media spotlight. Stakeholders and shareholders…

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