Scripture Proverbs 29: 14

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Before handle the above cases, Please read this scripture Proverbs 29:14.

On November 10th 2016, approximately a mile to exit 31 when I noticed some thing went off my dash lights. I made plan to pull in to the nearest truck stop, which is located at the exit 31 approximately a mile from the exit.
Just before the exit, Sgt Alen Moore pulled me over and indicated that the trailer lights was out.
I told him that I had lights on the trailer, but I’ve notice something went out of my dash, it must be a fuse and I’m pulling off at the truck stop on exit 31 to check the fuses.

He didn’t even tkink twice of writing a ticket, and told me to go. A concerned officer who supposed to be serve and protect does not just wrote a ticket and tells me to go
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About 6:30 am I located the bad fuse and I was informed by another traveler, that there is a mechanic shop on exit 29, so I left the truck stop on exit 31 and pursuing to exit 29.
Just before exit 29, another girl cop pulled me over. (Unforetunately, her hand writing is not to clear on the ticket I can’t tell her name but badge # 21). I pulled out the ticket from Alen Moore and explained to her that I already got a ticket from Alen Moore and I’m just pulling to exit 29 to get the fuse replace. “Quote on quote” “I don’t care, I need your driver license and your assurance I’m going to give you another ticket, and if I catch up with you a block down the road I will give you another ticket said badge
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My question is, if the Citizens of United States can not trust the people of whom they hired to serve and protect them, because they do not care. Then who’s supposed to care?.
The Judges, the lawyers who’s licensed by the state, or the police officer who told you he or she doesn’t care?. Who’s actually representing the people?. I know, base on a statistic of a survey by professors Martin Gilens, my or the public opinion have assentually no impact or preferences in the corrupted policies system. In my opinion, for those who know the Lord, God represents them and the rest so God help them. I would recommend this officer badge # 21 from Adel Ga, to be reprimand of her militant attitude.

I can’t believed a $0.20cents fuse could have cost me two tickets at $120.00 each for some thing tha’s totally out of anyone control. After all, Professor Marting Gilens is right on his 2000 surveys and 90% of Americans have no impact, because this corrupt Government system doesn’t care about what the people want, nor do they care about judging the poor faithfully. They have wolves hidden under sheep’s clothing on every corners with a nit over a pit to catch the innocents and charged them. For those who are believing on making America great again, I would like to know where have they been. All I can say for this fragment, a great nation who ruled under God’s law does not murdered its people base on

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