Scot Mcknight 's The King Jesus Gospel Essay

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In Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel, the questions begged include whether or not Jesus preached the gospel, whether the gospel Paul preached is the same gospel Jesus preached, and whether the gospel we as Christians currently preach are the same, or even close to, the gospel Paul and Jesus preached. McKnight begins the readers’ journey through the gospel by introducing what the gospel actually is. The apostolic gospel is defined as an expansion of 1 Corinthians 15, where Paul “quote[s] tradition” in that he follows what the scriptures laid out as the story of Jesus-a continuation of the story of Israel (47). After establishing the definition of the apostolic gospel, McKnight continues on to investigate the point the Church swayed from preaching the apostolic gospel of the Lord’s inward and outward salvation of the world to preaching a gospel focused on individual salvation. The significance of creeds in worship is discussed alongside the traditions established and torn down by the creeds. McKnight discusses how after the Nicene Creed the original embellishments and clauses began to be placed into new creeds around the time of the Reformation. He is careful to include the idea that the Reformation was in fact important; however, he forces the idea that the Reformation had a larger impact on today’s Church than most people recognize. It appears that McKnight believes the Reformation and innovation of thinking may have, in part, led to Christians reading the gospel…

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