Scope And Sequence Of A Second Grade Students Essay

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Scope and Sequence This activity was designed for a second grade students including focus learner students, these activities sheet focusing on the presentation of the story and news sight words learned by the students. The focus learner students have been mimics the vowels sound and phonics, which had encourage the student to repeats and practice the sounds in order to learn the new sight words, The repetitive practices of these sounds has helped the students to building words and create complete sentences. The student will listening and repeating animals sounds and phonics of news words. The focus learned will gain new ways to create words, understand the concept of the story thought pictures and sounds, and eventually write full sentences. The regular ELA and ESL students , will benefit with this activity, building more vocabulary by creating sentences base on the lecture; along with this activity, the ELA and ESL students , will learn with creative methods of how to unscrambles and arrange correctly the words they had learned.

Purpose of Activity

The purpose of these activities is to encourage all the students including the focus learner to listen the sounds and Phonics of these words. The advances ELA and ESL ‘s students will put into practices news writing skills using grammatical rules to write the sentences.
The teacher will read the story aloud, she will mimic animal’s sounds to engage the student to listen the sounds of each vowels and phonics of the words.…

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