Schools Are A Place, Creating An Environment Essay

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Schools are a place, creating an environment that engages students, fosters their creativity, and puts the responsibility for learning where it belongs. According to California Department of Education, “…schooling should help all students achieve their highest potential” (880). It means that schooling should play a major role in developing students’ abilities to understand and integrate the knowledge in different fields, encouraging them to think critically, teaching them to demonstrate multicultural knowledge and awareness, and helping them learn to recognize the various rights and social obligations and make ethical decisions. More specifically, from Tiana and Ming’s interviews, I found that school education helps them demonstrate awareness of gender equality and ethnical diversity and explore the ways of responding to diverse perspectives linked to identity, empowering them to challenge the racial and gender stereotypes in their careers. Besides issues of race and gender, socioeconomic status and religion are also important factors that school education helps students learn to identify and respond. Born in a wealthy family in Cupertino, CA, Shirley currently studies as a junior at the University of Southern California (USC) with a major in Performance (Piano). Her past three years of experience at USC gave her opportunities to meet and study with other students from different social classes, helping her recognize income inequality, learn to show respect to others’…

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