School Uniforms Should Not Have A Uniform Policy Essay

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One aspect that still worries many when school uniforms are allowed is that policies aren’t very stable for defense in a courthouse. This is exemplified by the many court cases spanning through the years that have had strongly differing results. This is shown by a student named Dwight Terry, Jr. and another student named Diana Canady. In 2008 Dwight Terry, Jr. filed a lawsuit against Chaparral High School because he had been sent to the principal’s office for not wearing a school uniform. He did not include a reason why this was in violation of his rights, but Chaparral High School does not have a uniform policy anymore (“Jacobs V. Clark County School District”). Likewise, Diana Canady filed a lawsuit against the Bossier Parish School District for their school uniforms while not presenting evidence that they were harmful. Nonetheless, the court ruled in favor of the school district (“Canady V. Bossier Parish School Board”). To shield against these conflicting verdicts, policies will have to be made carefully and thoroughly so that they are specific enough to provide reasoning as to why it exists and what its purpose is. For instance, if the uniform has mosquito repellant then the school will need to inform the parents and obtain their consent. This will clear up much of the uncertainty as to whether the requirement is lawful, thus making policies safer for the defendant and plaintiffs if the policy was questioned. In addition to lawsuits, some may be held back from wanting…

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