Essay on School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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School Uniforms A kid in the first grade goes to school on the first day, and of course he is wearing one of his only shirts that has a rip in it. When the kid arrived at his class other kids start making fun of him because he isn 't wearing a name brand shirt and it has rips in it. This first grader ends up having to go to special classes so he won 't be made fun of. These kids go through hard times at school just because of their clothing and all this can be prevented by wearing school uniforms. Uniforms should be required in all schools because it leads to less bullying, better grades, better attendance, and more discipline. If school uniforms are required in schools all over the country bullying will decrease. Parents average income for the United States is not high enough for parents to be buyings kids news clothes every school year. This is why school “uniforms can remove barriers that exist between wealthier and poorer students” (Wilde 1). If all students are wearing the same thing everyday no one can tell if the students are wealthy or poor. This will help with bullying due to the fact that wealthier kids can not tell who is poor or who is more wealthy. Most kids throughout the United States because of bullying, and uniforms “takes bullying down to a smaller level” (Rucker 1). If uniforms are required throughout a school, students will not be worried about being bullied in class or in between classes. Students will be more focussed on school work and learning…

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