Essay About School Uniforms

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School uniforms have been a blazing debate for centuries. There are many ideas about what a school wardrobe entails. Despite the controversy, school uniforms are beneficial because they promote good attendance and graduation rates, safety for the entirety of the student body, discipline and school pride, and break down social and economic barriers. There is more to consider on this hot topic about why school uniforms are in reality beneficial to a school’s well-being.
For example, attendance and graduation rates across the country have been proven to show exponential growth due to the implementation of school uniforms. Uniforms originated in most private and parochial schools and did not become a widespread phenomenon in public schools until 1944. As certain institutions began to see a reduction in their student’s attendance and graduation rates they took the
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Also, when there is a uniform policy required of the school, the students will not have as much of a financial strain, whereas if there wasn’t a school uniform, the cool, hip clothing can be much more expensive. Additionally, while back-to-school shopping, a research survey conducted by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) in 2013, 77% of respondents concluded that they were only spending about $150 per child on school uniforms, whereas others who don’t have school uniforms can spend up to $231 per child on trendy clothing for school ( This shows that uniforms are in fact financially better for families who may not be able to afford trendy clothes. Likewise, when students all have similar clothing, there is a sense of homogeneity amongst everyone and there is no difference between the social classes of the

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