Inclusive School Partnerships

During this article, the authors tell us about two different partnerships people need to be aware of when working in an inclusive school. An inclusive school is just a school where children with disabilities are educated along with children that does not have disabilities. The first partnership is between the people who work at the school and the families of the students at the school. The second partnership is among the school staff and the members of the community. According to the authors, these partnerships are important for ensuring the success and full participation of all students in the inclusive school (Blue-Banning, Francis, Gross, Haines, Turnbull 2015). One of the main reason that contributes to this is that when the school teacher …show more content…
Research says that when parents are involved, it tends to improve the student learning, academic achievement, behavior, and attendance (Blue-Banning, Francis, Gross, Haines, Turnbull 2015). So by all the parents getting involved with the school, it will give their students a greater chance of being a better student.
One of the strengths of this article is that the authors give us the five main themes of family-school partnership, but I will only discuss the one I think is most important. The name of this theme is the positive attributes of the partnership between the school staff and family members of the students. Some of those attributes are respect, commitment, and communication. The school staff has to be committed to teaching all the students in the inclusive school and staying in touch with the parents. In return, the parents should have high expectations for their children and they
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Although all of them go hand in hand with this particular partnership, I will only discuss the two I think are most important and they are inviting school culture and collaboration and communication among partners. The idea of inviting school culture within the inclusive school makes the people in the community feel welcomed by the school staff when they enter. They also feel free to get involved with what the school has going on by giving their time or monetary donations. According to the authors, based off the study that was performed, the community describes the theme of inviting school as an open door policy. This just means that the people in the community feel as though they belong to school community and are welcomed to contribute to the school in whatever way they feel is necessary (Blue-Banning, Francis, Gross, Haines, Turnbull 2015). Communication and collaboration between the community members and school staff are also very vital to making their partnership work effectively. Communication can be defined as the imparting or exchanging of information or news between two or more people. Collaboration can be defined as the act of working with someone to produce or create something. In a community-school partnership, the school staff has to be able to communicate with the members of the community if they need their support or help on

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