School Lunches And Schools Lunches Essay

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School Lunches

Many children look forward to attending lunch with their friends and consuming a delicious meal. However, many new standards by the government have stopped children from eating at their schools anymore. School lunches are regulated and planned by the government, causing the school lunches to have inadequate guidelines, which caused Congress to roll back to healthier standards of nutrition in schools.
The government has been involved with the planning and expansion of school lunches since the 1930’s and continues to regulate them today. Most school meals were only funded by the government; however, “most expertise in nutrition and meal planning was nurtured by government research and training,” through nutrition guidelines (Levine 34, 1, 3-6). Even many, “women in the Bureau of Home Economics developed recipes, menu plans, and administrative guidelines,” for children’s school meals (Levine 50, 1, 12-13). Many of these guidelines directly come from “one of the federal governments most powerful agencies, the Department of Agriculture, and more recently, to the corporate food and food-service industries as well,” to decide what American children eat (Levine 4, 1, 6-9). The corporate food and food service industries were added due to, “poor children [entering] school lunch-rooms in large numbers,” causing the cheaper, more, “processed meals and fast food companies,” to be incorporated to more low income schools (Levine 4, 2, 4-6). The addition of fast food…

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