School Is The New Updated System Of Education Essay examples

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Year Around School Makes Sense Seven years old with your siblings at home, no food in the fridge, out on the street, no guidance, sitting doing nothing, no adults, forgetting everything from school. This situation happens often during the three months of summer. The parents cannot pay for childcare, but must go to work to put the food on the table, especially since your children do not get the free breakfast and lunch from school. Children are on the street, unsupervised or bored out of their mind sitting at home watching television. Then, when children go back to school, teachers must spend weeks reviewing last year’s curriculum. Although, year round schools would prevent this problem. Year around school is the new updated system of education, students still attend school, for 180 days but, with shorter breaks. Year around school is essential, to be able to lower memory loss of key academic topics, more chances to help students, overcrowding issues, and helps prevent student burn out, especially in poverty stricken areas.
Year around school prevents so called, “summer slide” or loss of academic progress during the summer. According to President Obama, who supports year round school stated in an interview with NBC Today, “The idea of a longer school year, I think makes sense... Students are losing a lot of what they learn during the school year during the summer” (Johnson). This statement is definitely true for low income students, according to researchers Doris R.…

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