School Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Once again, I landed my butt in the principal’s office, which was nothing new for me at all. This time, my parents were there, and I just knew this is not good. I was thinking maybe for once I will get suspended or even worse get expelled from school days before my high school graduation. It was an odd situation, and I did not know what to expect, especially knowing I got put out of my art class that same day. I looked at my parents, and they were smiling and my principal was trying to hold back a smile, too. Of course, my principal started off the same line he always use when I am in his office, which was “Brown, you know why are in here?” He continued with his rant in a monotone voice and like normal I start having flashbacks.
Freshman year, walking into this huge school knowing no one besides people at my church who I would rather not be associated with and just happened to attend this school. Everyone thought I was an upperclassman due to my maturity level, which I loved since I hardly had classes with people in my graduating class. Like other girls at my school, I ended dating an upperclassman and, of course, he was nothing but bad news. I managed to keep myself in trouble now and then, but with him I was literally in either the school security or principal’s offices every day.
Sophomore year, I ended up becoming popular due to my freshman year, which I somewhat cared for since I started at the bottom of the pyramid yet managed to work my way to the top of the pyramid

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