School Grading System Is Getting Switched Essay

1069 Words Apr 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Are you aware of what the schools grading system is getting switched to? Do you know what it might do to the students and their futures? Today most schools are starting to change their grading system completely. In some classes they may break up their grades and go off certain percentages that equally weigh homework, tests, and quizzes/projects. However, now schools are planning on switching over to a more detailed type of grading, known as Standard Based Grading. This is going to stop basing grades off the work they do in class work, homework, and quizzes and projects, and is now going to start basing it mainly over tests about the standards that will be taught. This doesn’t seem right to do for the students that can understand what 's going on in the class but do not do well on tests when they are put under pressure of wanting to get a proficient score. The grading system needs to remain the same by sectioning the grades into equal proportions and weighing everything equally to give all students the same opportunity. The educational grading system is not as great as some people may think it is. One of the reasons this is true is because the tests that are you required to take by state determine what you can do with your future. In Iowa you are required to take the Iowa Assessments which are suppose to help the student figure out what they need to improve in the certain classes they are tested over. However, these scores are brought back to the student but they are not…

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