School Funding For Public Schools Essay

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School funding in the United States is a very hot topic for many people to talk about. Many different states have different opinions on how their schools are funded and how the funding process could be improved. States and local governments are the main source of funding for our nations public schools. Sales and income taxes fund public schools in most states but locally the funds come from property taxes. The wealth of the community effects the funds that are going to their public school because if the community is not wealthy, their schools may not look picture perfect or not in the best condition because of the poverty in the community. School funding in the state of Ohio is done both by the state and locally. The Ohio Lottery plays a major part in funding the public and community public school districts as well as assessments in the state of Ohio. Communities are a big part of school funding because the property taxes of the community help fund the school 's as well as the state funds. When a community is not a wealthy community or an inner city area, their school funding will not be as great as a school that is located in a bigger city. Rachel Ostrander (2015) stated "Schools are more segregated today than at any time within the last 40 years, and the problem is only getting worse" (page 272). Schools in urban and migrant areas are increasing with segregation because of the cost of properties in these areas. Experience teachers are choosing not to teach in urban and…

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