School Fitness Program At North Gulfport School Essay

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The Parental Advisory Board of the North Gulfport School district would like to thank the High Mark foundation for considering our grant proposal to fund the “Shape It Up,” after-school fitness program. This grant proposal will detail our program’s mission statement. Next, we will begin by examining our communities needs and problems faced that will be addressed by this program.
Mission Statement
The goal of the “Shape It Up,” after-school fitness program is to provide our middle school-aged youth the resources needed to get physically active, promote positive self-worth, and encourage a healthier lifestyle. The youth at North Gulfport Middle School will have an opportunity to participate in an after-school program that makes getting fit fun. The youth involved in the program will learn the importance of becoming more physically active and will be guided by a supportive fitness coach to get into shape. The “Shape It Up,” after-school fitness program will be limited to a total of 25 participants. The participants must be between the ages of 11-14 and enrolled at North Gulfport Middle School. Anyone interested in the program may apply, but be advised that children considered overweight by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s growth chart will be given top consideration for enrollment.
Purpose & Community Problem Statement
The “Shape It Up,” after-school fitness program is designed to encourage our youth to become physically active and help prevent the childhood…

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