School Dress Codes For Teachers Essay

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School Dress Codes for Teachers

All teachers know what it means to “dress appropriately” or to “dress professionally”-- or do they? Over the years, students are dressing less conservatively as well as more casually, and teachers are following suit. One day while visiting my daughter’s school to assist with a classroom function, I happened upon a woman who was bending over picking up some boxes. The skirt she was wearing was so short, I could see her underwear. Feelings of embarrassment paralyzed me for a moment, and then I quickly ran and began to help her with the task so that she could stand up more quickly. Upon standing, she graciously thanked me and introduced herself as the new music teacher. It was then that I quickly noticed her bra showing through the see-through top she was wearing. I literally had to bite my lip, but at the same time, I knew that I needed to do something else. Parents, community members, and legislatures should support my bill for the mandating of a teacher dress code in the St Paul, MN school district as it benefits both the teachers and the students by providing a more positive image of the teaching profession, greater school spirit, more respect from the students, and leads to a greater sense of authority in the classroom.
Teaching is a professional job and having a dress code would improve professional decorum and enhance the image of the field. did a survey in which 93% of executives reported that they believe an…

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