Schizophreni A Major Psychiatric Disorder Essay

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According to American Psychiatric (2000), schizophrenia is a major psychiatric disorder, or cluster of disorders, characterized by hallucination and delusions as the most psychotic symptoms which ultimately alter a victim’s perception, thoughts, and behavior. It is a severe and chronic brain disorder that makes it difficult for the victim to think clearly, have normal responses to emotions and act normal in a social setting. The main risk factor is genetics based on studies of high incidence of certain families. Additionally, the existing data propose that neurodevelopmental and environmental elements such as excessive stress, drug abuse, viral infections, prenatal/perinatal complications as well as mental and physical abuse are prominent foundations of Schizophrenia. The effects of schizophrenia do not stop at the lives of the patients; they also make their way for family and friends. Many of whom experience feelings of sorrow, guilt, and anger. In other words, dealing with schizophrenia is a cumbersome task and if it left untreated, it could be fatal not only to the victim, but also to their love ones and the people around them. There are various medications and treatments that a schizophrenic can sustain in order to help them maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. However, there are possible biological and other approaches available in order to prevent an individual from further developing of such illness.
According to Rod Plotnik and Haig Kouyoumdjian (2014),…

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