Scenario Planning In The Tourism Industry

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This essay is assigned to discuss the role of “Futures” methodologies such as Scenario planning, Forecasting or Alternatives methodology and the various drivers of change in a global perspective on tourism and hospitality business. This essay is going to discuss what has already been researched by different researchers on the topic of future tourism as well as what has been learned by these discussions. The issues that has been brought to light in regard to their knowledge used in their research on those specific topics.
The “Futures” Methodologies seeks to help people in making decisions, anticipate conditions and events that has not been fully developed so they can better respond to the ultimate outcome. The methodologies attempt
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It is imprudent to even think that tourism will change or even cause a short downfall in the short term future as it has survived the fall of the Twin Towers, Bali Bombing and the Gulf Wars. The earthquakes and tsunamis around the world including diseases like SARS and Bird flu, but the tourism industry still continues to grow. These events may have caused some tragic effects on certain places and locations but failed to cause a hurdle in the spread and growth of tourism all around the globe. As many new destinations are being discovered and the visitor number rising and bringing with it tourist dollars, there is no absence in the new development happening in these destinations (Butler, 2009).
In summary, the people (travellers or tourists) value their leisure time and holidays too much to stop going on vacations and holidays even after the fact that fuel has become scarce all around the world. Today’s world is dominated by leisure and most of the world wants to embark on vacations whenever they can. The global future of tourism is hence very bright, as throughout history, its global patterns will be controlled by the tension fuelled between the forces of dynamism and the force of inertia (Butler,

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