Influence Of Tourism In India

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Tourism in India is in its developing stage and there are many factors which are engaged in speeding up this reaction. It has a great economic significance in our country. In India, the historical significance along with cultural and geographical diversity attracts the tourists thereby making international tourism appealable. Now, we should know why tourism in India is becoming so prevalent.
There are various forms of tourism; educational and sports tourism are also some among them. Historical and monuments still continue to be the major forms of tourism. Adventure tourism like river rafting, mountain and rock climbing are various other forms that attract tourists from various parts of the
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Dance tourism more or less follows the same concept as music tourism. Dance shows and events which not only exhibit the culture of a particular place, but also a major source of entertainment. Now, not only the cultural shows, but also various other shows performed by famous artists attracts people from various parts of the world. Music and dance are the oldest forms of traditions that are performed from centuries in different countries. Thus, music and dance have served as the unification as culture helps to unite the country. Classical dance and music have served as a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. The various forms of classical dance are performed using the body as a medium of communicating one’s expression and feelings. Not only is it pleasing to watch but it is also a beautiful form of …show more content…
Music and Dance have had a very hand in hand relation when it comes to our country as it has been going for a long time since time immemorial.
In India, dance comprises of different styles and if the different cultural forms of dance are taken into account, they have emerged in different parts of the country, thus to keep the culture and tradition intact, which emerged ages ago, these forms of dance are still performed in India. This is also the only reason that attracts tourists as they are anyway used to the western culture, but it is the rich Indian culture and tradition that mainly attracts them. Music, at the same time has a history and has developed over centuries and in India music was a vital part of the social life. Classical music and folk music have emerged in India. Nowadays there are various categories in both, dance and

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