Scapegoat In The Crucible

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Embedded assessment 3 would you snitch on your neighbors or friends to get out of a really bad situation even if they didn't do anything wrong? In the book the Crucible it reaches us a great lesson about how we as people like to have a scapegoat. I think we should be teaching the crucible in 11th grade english becuase, if teach what the mistakes people made in the past we should be able to not repeat them in the future. I think we should teach the crusible for a number of reasons. The first one it shows that when something bad is happening people will minipulate what is happening for personal gain. Here is an example, pg 96 “ Giles “My proof is here! If jacobs hangs for witch he forefit up his property-That’s Law! And there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so great a piece. This man is killing neighbors for their land.” what Giles is saying is that Putnam in this time is using the whole thing of that witches are real and acusing them so he can have a personal gain of a nice piece of land. There are many instances of where people minipulate other people and don't care about others. Another reason why we should teach this is because the red scare was a copy of what happened in Salem. In Salem people were getting arrested for being accused of witchcraft: Over 150 people were inprisoned for this accusation. …show more content…
A wind, a cold wind has come. Her eyes fall on Mary Warren.” This quote is showing that showing how wild the acusations are back then. Its not to far from what was happeneing in modern day witch hunt. Everyone was throwing out names of people that were not communist but did it to not get introuble in the process. It’s common sense that there weren’t witches back then and not everyone was a communist during Marcthyism. It is however common that people will throw other people under the bus so they don’t get

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