Allegory In The Crucible

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The Crucible Essay

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the red scare in the McCarthyism era because on The Crucible people get accused of witchcraft as the same as people whom were accused of communism. People in The Crucible did all they could to reject the false accusation of witchcraft what was dealt upon them, but everytime they denied the false fact, they would be tortured until they come clean, same went for communism when they denied of being a communist they would be imprisoned.

What makes The Crucible an allegory to McCarthyism is the accusations that were made, the torture to the accused, and the consequences for if you were accused. First topic is Accusations. Back in Salem, people were accused of witchcraft, during the Red scare, people were accused of communism. To this day people are accused for the craziest things, but the accusations are far worse back then, if you were accused in Salem during the witch trials, you only had a splint of luck to be deemed innocent, but as it went on every accusation made was final, you were either tortured or sentenced to death. If you were tortured they ask you if you are a witch or not, even if you say “yes” or “no” it always ends in death. Saying “yes” sentences you immediately to be hanged, but saying “no” just keeps the torture going, so you’re going to die anyways, so if
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In both The Crucible and Red scare, if you get accused, your dead. Anyone would be able to accuse anyone and get away with it. In The Crucible witchcraft was a scary thing, as the same for communism in the Red scare, America was scared of communism in their country so to stop it they would imprison any suspected communists. They would either keep them in prison or kill them afterwards to disperse any further communist acts that they may commit. In The Crucible, after a while of being trialed, they found it to be easier and quicker to kill the suspects on the

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