Sc300 Assignment 4 Essay

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Unit 4 Assignment
Kaplan University

Part 1: Energy and me Energy and me. I use several different forms of energy. The one I most often used is electricity which is generated from a power plant in my area. It is my understanding that Power plants make electricity out of other forms of energy. “Majority of electricity in the United States comes from converting the heat energy released from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas and oil. The rest is generated from nuclear reactors and from renewable sources, such as sunlight, wind, falling water and geothermal heat.” (Where does electricity come from? June 2013) I would guess that when I travel and where I work that the electricity is originated the same way. I
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Needless to say this caused me to decide that there had to be another way to make our footprint smaller.
Part 2: Renewable resource in Arizona In January of 2012, Arizona was ranked third in the Nation in solar photovoltaic installations. (Arizona state profile, 2013) Solar energy seems to be the biggest and best way that Arizona can reduce its energy consumption in the United States and because there is more sunlight year round than most places in the U.S. so the seasonal changes would have less of an effect on this renewable method. Hydroelectricity being electricity generated by water power which is the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. Although in Arizona hydroelectricity is not a renewable source that can be relied on as there is very little water. There is the Hoover Dam which it does rely on and gets power from. “The Hoover Dam hydroelectric power is allocated between the states of Nevada, Arizona, ten cities in Southern California, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Southern California Edison Company.” (Hoover dam hydroelectric power, 2013) Wind power is another renewable source. In 2009 Arizona, there was a projected call Dry Lake Wind Power in Navajo County. It was Arizona’s first utility-scale wind farm. Currently, this project

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