Savvy Leader : An Effective Technology Leader Essay

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Tech- Savvy Leader
Creighton (2003) suggests that an effective technology leader must create school level strategic plans that increase technology integration. He identifies one major benefit and several challenges of the leader actively promoting these integration technology components. He states, “the major benefit of integrating technology components into a school level strategic plans is technology components are tied to the institutional vision and priorities which creates congruency between the technology plan and other aspects of the school operation such as parent involvement, student achievement, teacher workloads, instructional delivery and teaching.” In addition, Creighton (2003) states effective technology implementation has more to do with teaching pedagogy, and very little to do with technology itself. Instructional and technological objectives have to be taught in conjunction rather than in isolation. Effective technology implementation requires the technology leader to become involved in discovering, evaluating, installing and operating new technologies of all kinds, while keeping teaching and student learning as the guide (Creighton 2003). Furthermore, a more constructivist approach must be taken when the implementation occurs. Meaning, students must gain autonomy regarding their technology learning process.
Fullan (2002) states that an effective leader promotes sustainability through the development of the social environment, learning in context,…

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