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We seem to have a problem with losing code, forms, and whole projects to “the network.” The symptoms include “unable to find my project,” “unable to zip my project,” etc. Though I’ve gone over this and though most folks understand, I’ll review this again for the sake of clarity.

The steps below must be followed precisely. This isn’t brain surgery, it’s just understanding where to put your projects so they’re safe, transportable, and zipp-able.

I’ll provide artwork a little later, but here are the basic steps:

1. Create a folder ON YOUR DESKTOP and leave it there. This folder will be called VSPROJECTS, exactly and precisely. Leave it there, always, and when you want to move things to/from your desktop, it’s as simple as
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xi. Right-mouse-click the DESKTOP and select PASTE. xii. If you’ve done this before, Windows will ask you to confirm the replacement of folders and files. Check the box that says “YES TO ALL” and this ensures your data will move completely. You’ll copy the whole folder, and that’s fine. 2. When you are creating a new project within Visual Studio, pick the type of project (Form, Console, WPF, whatever….). c. Okay, you picked the project type (Form, Console, WPF, whatever…)by clicking on it. d. Give your project a meaningful name, using PASCAL case to ensure you follow a basic regimen of naming standards. e. Click the BROWSE BUTTON if you need to and POINT to the VSPROJECTS folder on your desktop. xiii. Visual Studio will REMEMBER THIS and it ALWAYS REMEMBERS IT. xiv. Once you’ve set it, it should always point to your desktop and to VSPROJECTS. xv. This is where you work, regardless of which PC you’re using. f. Your screen should look LIKE THIS!!!! xvi. Pick Select Folder button. xvii. Now, your screen should look like the image below. In my case, I’ve typed a project name of McClureHomeworkCh9Exercise1 so that it’s unmistakably for Chapter 9, Exercise1 and it’s MY work, with MY name on it! Can’t mess that up, right? xviii. Note the “Create Directory for Solution” is checked. LEAVE IT CHECKED, ALWAYS!!! xix. Press OK and you’re

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