How Do Satellites Help Society

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How satellites have been used to help society?

A satellite is a space body which has been created by colliding of two or more space objects (for ex. meteorites). There are two types of satellites: natural satellites (like moon, an earth’s satellite) and man-made (artificial), satellites launched to the orbit by people.
Natural satellites
A natural satellite is space body that orbits another space body bigger than itself. Natural satellites are not man-made satellites. They come from space and when a satellite enters the atmosphere of a planet, it’s being attracted by the gravity of this planet, because the mass of a planet is greater. So it can not get out of the atmosphere and starts to spin around. Our planet Earth has just one satellite
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For example, the moon orbits around Earth, the Earth orbits the Sun. Nowadays we have a very big problem with old - nonworking satellites. There is no space for new ones. (read more information at the end)

Earth's orbit is an imaginary line drawn around the earth. With help of it we can track the position and movement of satellites. Each satellite has its own independent orbit, doesn’t matter what type it is - natural or artificial. The orbit of an object depends on its mass. The greater the mass the greater the attraction and the closer it is to the Earth.
Geostationary orbit
A geostationary orbit is the orbit of the satellite revolves around zemli. This does not mean that the satellite and the Earth are traveling at the same speed, but rather that the satellite is traveling fast enough so that its orbit matches the Earth's rotation. So the satellite will always be located on the same place. Geostationary orbit is located at an altitude of ~36,000 km.

Communications satellites
Сommunication satellites are artificial satellites which typically rotate at geostationary orbit. They receive and send signals to Earth’s stations.
Use of

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