Samsung Organizational Change Essay

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MBA 653 – Organizational Development & Change


Submission to: Dr Dianna
Canadian University of Dubai

Ronak S Aswaney, 111300641
Sultan Ali Eisa AlKendi ; 112300080
Saif AlShamsi ; 104300027
Ahmed Al Mazrooci ; 103300187
Faisal Alali ; 111300115


Report focusing

1. Background of the Organization & Change a. Brief history of the company b. What was the Organizational context for change? c. Why was the change initiated? d. Who were the stakeholders?

2. Culture of the organization e. What was the original culture? f. Had it changed? g. How did it help of hind the change effort? h. How robust and or adaptive was it?
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* Samsung has 13,000 researchers representing a $ 1.7 billion investment in R&D

Why was the change initiated?

* The change was initiated because the market demanded so! * In this rapidly changing economy/market, and introduction of several potential competitors, Samsung was pro-active and adapted well to the changing environment. * The Chairman, Lee had a big role to play in this.

Stakeholders Engagement

It has become increasingly important for employees to have vested stake in the growth potential of its company. People expect a participatory work environment where they can feel a sense of dignity, pride, and ownership of the organization’s vision.
Samsung Electronics strives to build a creative organizational culture, and acknowledges that the investment we make in strengthening the core competencies of our employees will have a direct impact on our competitiveness. We actively promote a flexible organizational culture that allows employees to pursue a healthy work-life balance, in a dynamic, creative and challenging work environment that is not risk-averse. As an international company we embrace individuals with different background and abilities.
Samsung Electronics has been making an effort to establish trust with stakeholder through open communication based on

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