Essay on Samsung Electronic Have A New Motto

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Samsung Electronic have a new motto “Inspire the World, Create the Future. The company has a plan of reaching $400 billion in revenue by the year of 2020. With that, that includes new technology, innovative products and creative solutions. Over the past couple years, the company has created products that have been new to the world of technology. As we all know of the Samsung Galaxy S7, a smartphone that has been in competition with the iPhone. Although the phone seemed to be very popular on its release date, it did come with complications such as catching on fire and exploding. Along with the S7, Samsung teamed up with a company called Oculus and created the Gear Virtual Reality headset. The headset resembles a pair of ski goggles and is used to view types of media on the smartphone from films and television shows on Netflix to playing videogames. Despite issues Samsung has been having with their smartphone, they still seem to have a plan to come out with better products for the future.
The company has been the first to announce the creation of the first curved high definition television and smart refrigerator. The smart refrigerator was designed to help consumers easily multitask in their kitchen whether it being looking up a recipe to, making a grocery list to even entertaining guest because of the access to streaming music via online. The smart refrigerator was an innovative way to gain success with people reviewing it as the “refrigerator of the future”. But to some, it…

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