Quantitative Research Proposal

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Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan
When a researcher is constructing a sampling method, the questions about the population where the sample will come from and the size of the sample to be used come into play for the purpose of seeking statistical validity (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). Parahoo (2014) explains that, in order for sampling method or strategy to be considered credible, defining the population to be sampled, type of sampling, sample size, sampling mistakes and how the bias and errors will be controlled is essential. My study question is seeking to find whether there is relationship between use of barcode medication administration (BCMA) system and the cases of medication errors
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Because a researcher would usually have one or more specific predefined groups that he/she is seeking (Levy & Lemeshow, 2013), the method can be regarded as less restrictive. My research will not be concerned with having numbers that match the proportions in the population. Instead, I will seek to simply have enough sample that can successfully be analyzed and give adequate inference. This method was chosen because it is hard to collect data within acute care and inpatient environment/units, especially with the kind of the information being sort using blinded, randomized controlled experiment of the medication administration procedure so as to capture the errors. I intend to be entirely unobtrusive in my observation, since the data to be collected is particularly sensitive and is likely to draw heavy reaction especially from nurses and pharmacy staff. Equally, indirect observational strategy will reduce the length of time required to complete the study as illustrated by Thomas and Heck (2001). Thomas and Heck (2001) also agree that some ethical issues related to other sampling methods that can be employed in this study, such as direct observation of nurses administering medications and administering questionnaires to patients and nurses could be …show more content…
As noted above, the sample size will be not have relevance in the outcome in this study and therefore it will not be calculated. I consider the time frame chosen of three months before and after BCMA technology implementation to show a representative actions/behaviors of all nurses working in similar environment across the region and perhaps the whole

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