Sample Resume For A Training Program Essay

1268 Words Nov 26th, 2016 6 Pages
I wanted to thank you for taking your time to train me for this new position. Your training was very helpful in getting me ready to work the floor. I just wanted to go over what happened in training, inform you of the most helpful parts of training, and items I wish we had covered during training that I noticed once I went out on the calling floor and was working with my mentor to get me ready to succeed at this company.

Recently when I started working for Nelnet, the national education loan network, that services many of the current student loans that have been taken out by students and parents I learned a lot about loans that I didn’t think was possible. I was hired for a default position that requires me to take and make calls to borrowers that have gone past due on their accounts and offer them assistance on those accounts. Training taught me a lot of the basics for this position, however it did not really prepare me all of what I was going to be dealing with.

For this position I was required to go through 3 weeks of training in a classroom environment. The first week we learned about different kinds of loans that are available to borrowers and started to learn about the different assistance options we could offer. For my second week of training I learned about all of the repayment options available and what kind of accounts they could and could not be applied to. During this week I also learned about postponement time that is offered on the different student loans…

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