Sample Resume : Dental Hygiene Essay

1587 Words Nov 14th, 2016 7 Pages
This Future Me Portfolio is a combination of information that I have created and collected throughout the semester. It is comprised of several parts including: Keirsey Temperament Type Indicator, VARK Learning Styles Inventory, Multiple Intelligence Inventory, Holland Code, Degree Works Academic Evaluation formerly the Program of Study, and a three term or more academic course plan. Within the context of this Perimeter Orientation course, I have honed communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills all while defining my personal identity, exploring the college community, and formulating academic and career goals for success. Taking these inventories literally has given me insight on my strengths and weaknesses not only as an individual, but also as a student and professional. My major is Dental Hygiene, I have always known that my career would be in health care. I am detailed oriented and enjoy working with my hands. Not to mention as far as I can remember I have carried a deep curiosity for dental hygiene, and that curiosity has drastically grow into a crazy love and passion for the dentistry field as a whole. After completing the inventories, interviewing the professional in my interested field (my registered dental hygienist) and conducting my Degree Works Evaluation I can honestly say that I am born to do this. Within a few weeks I will confidently submit my application to the 2017 Dental Hygiene Program, that’s one more step to achieving my career goal.…

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