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Mary Smith Investigation Plan
Crystal Blevins
Kaplan University

Mary Smith Investigation Plan
Mary Smith is a 71- year-old widow that was involved in an auto accident on the date of October 3, 1995. The other individual involved in the accident was Paul Joseph. The accident occurred in Trumbull, Connecticut at the intersections of Reservoir Avenue and MaeFair Court. Joseph Smith was cited by police for the accident. Mary Smith has four children and is retired from being a schoolteacher but still works four mornings a week at the local children’s hospital. Mary Smith has a prior injury that consisted of bone spurs in her feet. The bone spurs caused her hip and back pain. She wears orthotics on a daily basis. She has had
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G) Take a recorded or written statement. II) Investigate the scene of the auto accident: H) Were there any factors that aided in the accident? I) Were there any traffic signs in the area? J) Were there any weather factors that aided in the accident? K) Take photos of scene of accident. III) Interview Police offers that responded to accident: L) What happened the day of the accident? M) Were there any outside factors that caused the accident? N) Were there any illegal substances involved? O) What were the injuries that were reported at the scene of the accident? P) Take recorded or written statements. IV) Interview the cardiologist and surgeon that treated Mary Smith the day of accident: Q) What was Mary Smith’s condition when she entered the hospital? R) What tests were given to Mary Smith the day of the accident? S) What medical procedures were given to Mary Smith? T) What was Mary Smith’s care plan? U) What was Mary Smith’s diagnosis? V) Why was there a delay in treatment? W) What was the infection that Mary Smith developed during her wait for treatment? X) Take recorded or written statements. V) Interview nurses that cared for Mary Smith: Y) What was Mary Smith’s routine care during her stay in the hospital? Z) What medications was Mary Smith on? [) What

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