Sample Bibliography On Academic Integrity Essay

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Academic Integrity
You are expected to follow both CCNY guidelines regarding academic integrity (available here: and the guidelines put forth in the Macaulay Honors Pledge (available here: Plagiarizing the work of others will not be condoned — dishonesty includes plagiarizing another person’s ideas or writings you find on the internet, obtaining an unfair advantage over another student, and falsifying records or official documents.
Disclosure and Acknowledgment
This syllabus structure has been adapted from prior Science Forward syllabi, including Dr. Kelly O’Donnell’s, Dr. Adrián Rodríguez-Contreras’, and Dr. Brett Branco’s Science Forward courses. Suggestions of Logan Mcbride have been gratefully reckoned with.

Course topics
Nature of Science
Best of both worlds — building blocks of life
Adaptive biology — intelligent plants teach us new technology
Look through the lens (biophysics and spectroscopy)
Green photonics — natural pigments (biophysics of colors)
Theoretical science driven by thought experiments — as history teaches us
Physics meets life (science) — In silico experiments and historical perspectives
Origins of life — biologically inspired physics
Coping up with crowding and confinement— (chemistry meets biology) Prebiotic polymers — Astrobiology Gels and Squishy materials — wet and soft Dynamics and mechanics…

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