What Are The Pros And Cons Of Single-Sex Classrooms Essay

Single-sex classes are becoming more popular because distractions are a big problem in school. They are said to be a better environment for children to learn in. This is untrue because same sex classrooms do not prepare children for their future life. Also, they lead to increased stereotyping, prejudice, and sexism. Not all people will be distracted by the opposite gender in a classroom. In fact, boys’ and girls’ brains may develop differently, but all children are different in their thinking. Same sex classrooms are not a good idea because they cannot preparatory, lead to bad ways of thinking and because distractions are not eliminated. First, separating genders in different classrooms does not prepare children for their future life. School …show more content…
If one child was to dress different or cut their hair different than the others of the same gender, then they will stand out and be “distracting”. Not all girls would be distracted by just guys and not all guys would be distracted by just girls. All girl school students are said to, “…seem much more focused on school than other typical concerns of adolescent girls…not distracted by the cute boy…not worrying about how they look or what they’re wearing,” (Novotney) This is false because not all students would be more focused on school. In some cases, a girl could be more distracted by a cute girl than a cute guy. The “distractions” in coeducational classrooms lessen as time goes by because the genders learn to mix, get used to one another and become equals. “Students in single-sex schools have limited opportunity to connect with members of the opposite sex and learn how to work cooperatively on projects and assignments…” (Tucker) The students who come from single-sex schools or classrooms do not learn how to mix with the crowd and may stand out. Not all distractions are caused by the opposite gender because all children will stand out in one way or

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