Same Sex Classrooms Essay

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Single-sex classes are becoming more popular because distractions are a big problem in school. They are said to be a better environment for children to learn in. This is untrue because same sex classrooms do not prepare children for their future life. Also, they lead to increased stereotyping, prejudice, and sexism. Not all people will be distracted by the opposite gender in a classroom. In fact, boys’ and girls’ brains may develop differently, but all children are different in their thinking. Same sex classrooms are not a good idea because they cannot preparatory, lead to bad ways of thinking and because distractions are not eliminated. First, separating genders in different classrooms does not prepare children for their future life. School …show more content…
Thus, in same gender classrooms the curriculum is gender specified and the academics are based off of gender. “Boys and girls learn differently from one another,” (Summers). Though this may be true, not all boys and girls are exactly the same. All children, boys and girls, think and learn different. Claims are also made that struggling in coeducational schools could be affected by not having gender specific learning. “…students struggling in a co-ed learning environment…this may be the reason why,” (Summers). Struggling in learning can happen anywhere, both same sex and coed schools. Each individual has their own struggles and not all struggles are because of gender. All individuals learn at different paces and learn in different ways. “Coeducation advocates agree that there are some small physiological differences in male and female brains. But…there’s a lack of evidence that these differences matter to learning at the individual level,” (Novotney). All individual brains are different from one another. They all receive, process, and save information in different ways. One person may be able to just look at something once and remember it. Whereas, another person may have to look at the same thing multiple times, read it aloud, and hand write multiple copies before they can remember it. Everyone will learn different and think different, same sex classes or not, because everybody is made different and made to be their own

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