Sama Group : A Mission Statement And Long Term Strategic Goals

791 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Sama Group works as a double duty company by providing top of the line services in the digital world while employing and educating low income areas helping people leave poverty. It Sama Group is recognized as a non-profit and has seen tremendous growth since its’ birth. Sama group has a powerful mission statement and long-term strategic goals. The Sama Group was founded in 2008 and now has three divisions of the organization including Samasource which is the company that hires people stricken by poverty around the world, Samaschool which provides guidance and education in digital studies which allows their graduates access to work around the world as long as they have access to internet. The third divison of the Sama Group is Samahope which has created a joint venture along with Caringcrowd a crowd funding company aligned with Johnson & Johnson, they team up to help reach people for health and medical needs. Each of the divisions of the non-profit merge together into Sama Group’s main goal which is to create work opportunities that will help fight poverty. Not only does Sama Group help people in poverty stricken counties where the poverty line is below $4.00 an hour but they are also doing work within the United States. Samasource has opened job availability in the around the world in countries, they have an international office in Nambia allowing people to find digital work and obtain the skills to achieve compensation about the poverty line. The division of Sama Group,…

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