Essay on Sam Met Hanna At The Door

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Sam met Hanna at the door, “Well . . . are you and dad getting back together?”
Hanna cupped Sam’s chin in her hand and shook her head, “No, Sam, we are not getting back together. But I have made a decision so go get your sisters.”
Sam gathered his sisters into the living room. Hanna began, “I want all of you to have a seat.”
Seed of rebellion is finally blooming.
Millie complained, “I hope this doesn’t take long, I’ve got things to do.”
“Sit down,” Hanna ordered. “I’ve talked this over with your father, and we’ve decided a move to Texas would be best for every . . .”
“WHAT!” Millie screamed at Hanna, “I AM NOT MOVING TO TEXAS! I’ve got my own plans and they don’t include moving to TEXAS!”
Millie let out a floodgate of tears as Hanna continued, “SIT DOWN, Millie. I’ve been in contact with my best friend who has been there for two years now. Jobs are plentiful. Seeing as I haven’t been able to get a job since I finished my degree three months ago, I see no other choice. Pete is going to follow the moving van after the semester finishes. Katie is going to stay with Uncle John and Aunt Josephine, so she can finish out her senior year. We’ll come back for her graduation in June. We’re going to spend the Christmas holiday with Molly and your new brother-in-law. I’m leaving for Texas at the end of the week to look for a job and a place to rent. Your father is going to stay with you and pack up the house.”
Hanna gave Millie a stern look, “Stop your blubbering. I don’t want any…

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