Essay on Sales Force Compensations

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Sales Force Compensation

HRM 533: Total Rewards

January 30, 2013

Keeping the moral of sales force in high level is critical in recent economy. One of the factors that enhance the attitudes and the productivity of sales force is a rewards program that recognize and addresses their needs. To assists in understanding the influence and role played by rewards program, Starbucks’s compensation plan will be used as a guide in creating an effective workforce compensation program.

Sales Force Compensation

Throughout the decades, there has been evidence showing that best way to success and gains profits is to focus on rewarding employees not just pay and benefits. Motivating employees plays
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The question of exactly what it takes to motivate individual to work has received a great deal of attention.

Starbucks the coffee retailer has one of the most successful compensation plans that achieve high level of performance. Howard Schultz the CEO of Starbucks believe that Starbucks is motivational program enable it to remain an attractive place to work. Alicia Caceres and other leaders at Starbucks say that their greatest challenge is to attract, develop, and manage a worldwide workforce (Slocum H, 2011).
Starbucks’s motivating programs include the following features: A. a list of duties has to perform. B. the numbers of hours employees is required to work. C. the pay schedule and time table for the distribution of work schedules. D. Current employee’s benefits. E. Operational rules such as limits on switching shifts or cell phone use at work (Slocum H211).
To motivate individuals Starbucks leaders began by exploring the basic elements of motivational process. Then they present four different approaches for motivating employees. 1. Meeting basic human is needs. 2. Design job that motivate individual. 3. Enhancing the belief that desired rewards can be achieved. 4. Treating individual equitably.

Assess how a value proposition is a achieved for current and future employees in the plan you have outlined, Employees at Starbucks value the

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