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I chose to write my paper on the company Target. I selected this company because I really like to shop in there stores. They have good variety of different products and someone is always around to help you locate items when you can’t find them (unlike Wal-Mart). Target might be a little more pricier on some items compared to there competitors Wal-Mart and K-mart, but the atmosphere is a lot more toned and you can actually focus on shopping without being over crowded.

Targets first symbol 1962

In order to motivate the sales force to produce the highest number of clients, describe six (6) features of an effective total rewards program
Compensation – what is the company willing to pay for this
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Knowledge of demographics should help with this. These positions should not be filled in every store because some of their stores are not as busy as others.
Assess how a value proposition is achieved for current and future employees in the plan you have outlined EVP better known as “Employee Value Proposition;” involves assessing and talking with current employees to keep them engaged in the company’s goal (Bersin and Associates, 2009). In Target’s case, EVP will help them expand on diversity and cultures of other countries. Also EVP will help Target maintain a distinctive “brand.” Whether you shop there or not, everyone knows what company red bulls eye represent. To customers this symbol signifies quality and loyalty.

Figure 1
(London Business School, 2010)
Based upon the type of plan you have created; indicate how attracted you think future salespeople may be to this plan
Based upon the plan I created, I believe future salespeople will react positively to my rewards package. Target like many other companies have felt the effects of the economy. But statistics have proven that many employees will stay with a company that offer fewer benefits if they foresee opportunity for job advancement. Offering management training and development programs provide employees with a concrete foundation that they have room to navigate and grow throughout the company. No one wants to

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