Saint Young Men Movie Analysis

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Maybe because of the involvement of the people to religion and technology that’s why “The Saint Young Men Movie” was made. The Saint Young Men movie was all about life of Buddha and Jesus living together as roomies during a “vacation” from their sacred duty as religious icons. Jesus is a sweet-natured shopaholic with a TV blog, who occasionally performs minor miracles when he’s stressed out or feeling particularly holy. Buddha is a calm, serious manga fan who regularly attracts the attention of birds and animals who flock to him as if he’s a Disney princess.
Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, the founders of Christianity and Buddhism, are living together as roommates in a Tokyo apartment while taking a vacation on Earth or in human world. The movie has its comedic side by involving jokes about Christianity, Buddhism, and all things related. There is a scene that when Jesus came to the grocery store to buy some stuff, some high school girls are
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When you’ve done reading it, it may seem like any other story for children. But there’s more behind it. I think this short story was made for us to realize something. One of it may be connected to the situation of the society. If you go beyond norms, if you don’t follow rules in the community you’re living in, then surely, you’ll be considered as Deviant, As a negative deviant. Butsiki, the main character in the story was a blessed pig, she is blessed with amazing mind. Keeping the cleanliness among pigs was only her motive, to prevent diseases and more. But people are blinded with what they used to do. People don’t see how Butsiki’s ideas would turn them into healthy pigs would help them grow and live life to the fullest. Because of being brave and clean, she’s executed and roasted. This short film symbolizes that if you don’t follow rules, if you go beyond what society expected you to be. Then you are bad and sometimes

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