Saint Peter 's University Is My Home Essay

730 Words Mar 8th, 2016 3 Pages
Saint Peter’s University is my home. Through the relationships I’ve losted and gained, the knowledge I’ve absorbed and events I’ve experienced, I can truly say that college is a handful of joy and pain. Last year, as an incoming freshman, the fear of being in college was stronger than my excitement. I was terrified and coming from my background: 1st generation college student with a single mother of four and barely any money to our family, I felt the pressure. Sabin was my O-Team Leader during my summer orientation and I will never forget his suave demeanour. He was genuine and relatable which made me, as a freshman, more comfortable with being social with the other students. The rest is history. I was also fresh out the EOF summer program by the time the Freshman Orientation rolled around, I realized that once the fall semester start I will be completely prepared. My expectations became more than a reality so once the application for the O-Team was available for the next summer it became my priority. I wanted to make an imprint on others just as I was imprinted. I was prepared, confident and vigilant; I wanted to spread that love and energy. Thankfully, I made it! I achieved my goal and was officially in the place of what I aspired to be a year prior. Although the job was a more than I expected, I wouldn’t have changed my decision be apart of First Year Experience if I could. A summarization of my experience is as follows: tiring, energetic, loving, difficult,…

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