Saint James Palace Essay

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A black armored Mercedes stopped at the driveway in front of the ambassadors’ main entrance. The security guard sitting next to the chauffeur jumped out and opened the back door as Yusuf Alfalaki got out of the car. The security guard entered the narrow revolving door first and Yusuf walked behind him. An old black woman raised her head while sitting at a small desk facing the main entrance as she was reading The Sun newspaper and looked at the two men in total silence.
The security guard said, “Good morning! His Excellency, Mr. Yusuf Alfalaki, ambassador of Cout has an appointment with the Prime Minister, Mr. Michael White.” The old woman turned to check visitors schedule in front of her and she pressed a button on the phone; she said in a
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Did ambassadors expect the old empire, which had been sinking in a new form of socialism, to treat them with any seriousness? Why for heaven sake people talk about Saint James Palace? It hadn’t been the seat of monarchy since Queen Victoria had left for Buckingham Palace in the early nineteenth century. Was it a way to fool tourists? One day, Yusuf read a book about London and it said the city itself was a big lie to fool strangers. The author was not exaggerating. Names of streets were almost the same, while municipality added names like garden, stable, and crescent to original street names. Only in London did words like these actually mean …show more content…
“Mr. Ambassador, please come with me. The Prime Minister is waiting for you.”
Yusuf walked with her through long corridors until they reached the Prime Minister’s office. Everything was the same. The Prime Minster was sitting behind his desk that, as usual, had no papers on it. His personal assistant, Tony, was standing in front of the Prime Minister, as always, and he was holding the very same folder. A coffee machine was gurgling and a picture had been hung behind the minister’s desk. Was it really appropriate to display a picture about a British naval victory in a British Foreign Ministry?
Yusuf brushed the thought aside as he shook hands with the Prime Minster who warmly welcomed Yusuf to his office. They both walked to sit in the usual corner where there were three chairs. Yusuf sat facing the Prime Minister, while Tony sat in a chair between them. Cathy came in holding a cup of coffee with milk and a plate with three English biscuits.
The Prime Minister smiled. “Yusuf, I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?”
“I’ve been well, Michael. You know that I don’t request a meeting with you unless it’s urgent. I know you are busy, and the government cabinet depends heavily on

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