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Analyse’ and ‘evaluate’ the business strategy that J Sainsbury Ltd. has pursued using either Bowman’s strategic clock or Porter’s Generic Strategies framework.

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Strategy is defined as how an organization and individual achieves its goals. The marketing strategies are altered as well as renewed in companies in the effort to survive and also prosper in an increasing demanding and complex business environment (Grant, 2010, p.270). The strategic imperatives have shifted towards a priority emphasis in order to develop a superior capacity to reinvest the business model (Cravens, 2010, p.20). Sainsbury mission and goal is to become the first
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Sainsbury online serves almost about 30,000 order per week and cover 75% of the UK which ads on to its advantage (Breitenbuch, 2004, p.22). With advancement in technology and change in mindset, customers prefer online services rather than the brick and mortar. Thus Sainsbury competency lies with its online shopping service. The capital of Sainsbury resulted in decreases in 2011 (854) as compared to 2010 (1006). But Sainsbury has invested in its R&D and other portfolios which have sown positive outgrow in the current fiscal year. But a glance at the resources and capabilities have proved that Sainsbury can well compete in the competitive retail market.

Sainsbury’s unique resources and capabilities underpinning the Value chain

Sainsbury had made an investment of about multimillion pounds in its supply chain technology which has helped the company to reduce the amount of un-bought food by 15% during hard times. This technology was created by Sainsbury and helps to reduce wastage of food which would then help in the reduction of emission from CO2 to about 1400 tonnes. Thus it can be said that the company can react to changes in the buying pattern (Brittain, 2010). (See appendix 9) Value chain has been identified and upgraded in order to widen the system of suppliers, network and the buyers i.e. through the value system, and the

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