Essay on Safeguard Methods Used to Protect Vulnerable People.

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In this essay, I will examine a case study with four individual service users; Mr D, Mr R, Ms M and Ms P who are all described as vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, how and why these disabilities have lead to the service users being regarded as vulnerable. For this reason, I would define what learning disability is and the effects it may have on the individual service users. I would use the labelling theory in this concept to explain my knowledge and understanding of vulnerability. I will also demonstrate how anti discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice applies to practice using the PCS analysis in relation the vulnerability. An understanding of abuse would also be explained and I would demonstrate an understanding of the …show more content…
One of this is the POVA. The Protection of Vulnerable Adults was legislated for through part VII of the Care Standards Act (2000) and involves a list of people to be held by the Secretary of State who will be banned from working with vulnerable adults in specified situations. The scheme came into force on 26th July 2004. It applies to registered care homes, domiciliary care agencies, employment agencies and businesses that supply care workers to these providers. It also covers care workers who have regular contact with residents and or provide personal care to people in their own homes. The scheme was extended from the 31st August 2004 to adult placement carers, scheme managers, scheme workers or anyone employed by the scheme that has regular and unsupervised access to the adult.

Care providers and employment agencies are responsible for referring relevant care workers for possible inclusion on the POVA list. They must refer people who have been found guilty of misconduct (whether or not in the course of their employment) for harming a vulnerable adult or placing them at risk of harm.

Registered providers including social services authorities that wish to employ people in the above roles must check against the list as part of the Criminal Record Bureau Disclosure Process (CRB check). Checks must be made prior to employment. Employment is used in a wide sense and this includes volunteers.

In all decision making for

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